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May 20, 2010

Barn Roof repair

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My wife and I have been restoring our 140 year old farm house and 160 year old barn for the last 5 Years.     We are looking for a professional roof repair company to help us repair the old standing seam metal roof.   Any ideas

May 15, 2010

Bucket list

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What is on your bucket list?

May 14, 2010


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  1. I am an outstanding listener
  2. I weight < 165 #
  3. I speak Spanish
  4. I play piano
  5. I am an author

Things to stop doing revised

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  1. Stop watching TV
  2. Stop driving more than 5 MPH over speed limit
  3. Stop negative thinking

Now that I stopped watching television,  I have a ton of time to work on my bucket list

Things I want to stop doing

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  • You heard of the bucket list.

    This is my stop doing list, things I want to stop doing

    1.    Stop watching TV
    2.    stop eating packaged purchased baked goods
    3.    stop wearing shoes on the carpet
    4.    stop swearing
    5.    stop slouching
    7.    stop reading horror books, murder mysteries
    8.    stop leaving dirty dishes and paper for Karen to put away
    9.    Stop eating so much bread and muffins
    10.    Stop eating large servings
    11.    Stop drinking all pop
    12.    Stop drinking caffeine
    13.    Stop driving more than 5 mph over speed limit
    14.    Stop negative thinking

First Post

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This is my first real post,  exciting times for me.

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