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June 27, 2013

Getting Results : Delivery and Dollars

Filed under: Leadership Skills,Motivation,Professional Development — Alec @ 4:49 pm

Some of the best employees I ever had work for me were the very same employees someone else thought I should let go. This has always been a mystery to me – I don’t know how to explain this other than maybe it is the job, or sometimes the employee versus boss chemistry, could be the boss, might be the employee motivation, or every so often it is just timing. I have also been let go several times in my career. I know there were things I could have done differently, but most of the time it was just either chemistry or the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course, I always liked to think it was the boss just making a mistake (LOL). Judge your people for yourself. Don’t always take another’s word for it.

In my opinion, as managers we have a huge impact on what our people produce. This is a product of the power of positive expectation, the willingness to tolerate and even encourage diversity. The power of listening and involving leads to more motivated employees and creates a better work environment for our employees.

What do we want? On-time delivery or Dollars? Obviously, we want both. If I had to state a number of priorities in order, it would be as follows:

  1. Involve, encourage, enrich, listen, train, and fairly compensate our employees.
  2. Customer satisfaction numbers. Service. Quality. On-time Delivery.
  3. The numbers, EBITDA dollars, Cash Dollars, Ship dollars, Order dollars (in that order—percent does not count).

And, of course we want all three!

If we empower and train our people as well as understand the metrics in goals #2 and #3, we will have a winner. Let your people make the daily decisions that improve the numbers.

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