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June 19, 2013

Leadership Skills : How to Improve

Filed under: Leadership Skills,Professional Development,Services — Alec @ 5:43 pm

How many of you think you are excellent leaders? How many can show evidence of being an excellent leader?

Being an excellent leader is like a bicycle racer who rarely has a flat tire. A small slow leak can be very costly in a race because it leads to lost speed and eventually a need to change the tire. A puncture is a quick flat and it too will cost the racer precious immediate time to change a tire. The worst situation would be a blow out that costs not only time but also can be dangerous to the racer if they lose control of the bicycle.

In leadership a small error in judgment can cost sales, profit and time and a major error may cause serious injury to the company.

Bicycle flats can be reduced by planning ahead and maintenance. Repeated errors or flats will cost you the race. The racer on the pro circuit may have a support team, but ultimately the racer is responsible. The concept is the same in business. Leadership errors can be reduced by thinking ahead, planning, listening, reviews, and goal alignment. Errors by the support team, whether known or unknown by the Leadership, become the fault of the CEO.

You can reduce your risk of bicycle flats by buying the right tires, doing research and hiring the right support team. Knowing your craft such as inflating the tires to the right pressure, training properly and communication will be essential to preventing errors. It helps if you miss broken glass and potholes on the course, stay focused on direction and are able to adjust your course quickly. These same thoughts apply to being a good leader; know your craft, do your research, train properly, communicate effectively, pay attention, and stay focused so you can adjust your course if needed.

Racing tires usually lose a few pounds of air every day and wear a little every day with use, especially the rear tire. In business, your team may lose a little productivity or focus on a goal. They may skip a step, or not listen well. In order to keep your performance level high, it is necessary for the CEO to observe his/her environment and adapt the plan frequently to keep on course.

Evidence of being a good Bicyclist is winning the race. Evidence of good Leadership is finishing higher than last year.

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