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June 13, 2013

Motivation : Finding Your Path

There is such a fine line between Good and Great, Good and Evil, NCAA and NBA. Why? One right or wrong step may have consequences. One decision made or not made. Everything has a cause and an effect. Sometimes by chance, more often resulting from a decision.

As a society, we have a rough idea when certain religions began. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all have fairly widely accepted dates of origin. I don’t the dates as much for Buddhism or Hinduism but the point is : Why have some religions stuck? Some have grown, others stopped. Our decisions – or those decisions made as a group – have consequences both good and bad. We can be part of a decision that fall into success or failure by luck. It can feel like the more we follow “the group” we end up falling the wrong way.

We seldom learn or move in a straight line rather we usually move in a spiral pattern similar to a multiple amplitude sine wave. In other words, as we follow the spiral there are times we move closer and sometimes farther away.

What we need to remember, is that the objective is to find your own path! It is not to follow the crowd or group mentality. Your happiness may or may not be where the group is headed.

Think to yourself: Do Good. Practice Good. Do No Harm. Help others on their path. Do all you can do. When you help others along their path, you often discover ways to help yourself.

Now how do we do that and stick to it?

1. Identify the Goal

2. Have a willingness to go there

3. Take action

4. Expect results

5. Check results

6. Evaluate future actions

Stay focused. Continuous improvement in your personal life is like any kind of diet plan, exercise regimen, attitude adjustment or practicing religion. You must stay the path and be committed. You must work at it every day; you must believe in it.

You can’t just “sort of” pursue a goal or fix an issue. You must commit. Beware of the Pillsbury Doughboy Syndrome ( a phrase coined by Terry Allen ). The problem is the Doughboy and if you just poke at the Doughboy, when you push one place he just bulges out someplace else. In other words the problem doesn’t go away, it just finds a new place to settle – your goal is not accomplished. In order to succeed you must put the Doughboy in a box and not allow him to bulge in other places.

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