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March 22, 2013

Coaching and Sales

Filed under: Food for thought for friends,Motivation,Sales — Alec @ 11:00 am

We’ve already talked about: Tom Izzo, Malcolm Gladwell and getting “the fire in the belly” as it relates to Green Belt projects. But not all of you are in the midst of getting certified. Let’s take another look at how these themes apply to other aspects of business.

Izzo’s words for Sales

Instead of Practice :: Think about OG Mandino’s character Hafid and adopt his personality. Make phone calls, don’t just send emails. Schedule meetings and ask for referrals. It doesn’t matter if at first you are no good or even bad at sales calls. Just find the passion to work hard, fight, and care EVERY DAY. Make calls and set up appointments, meetings, lunches or coffees every day. As you care more about your customer, they will feel that you care more. As you make more calls and work smarter, you will get better at making calls. Care when you make a sale and care when you lose a sale. I want you to care so much that you ask why you won a sale and why you lost a sale – what was the differentiating factor in each of those scenarios? When you lose a close sale, don’t let it ruin your game. Instead analyze the missteps and work smarter/harder tomorrow.

What were you wearing? Were you distracted? What questions did they ask? What questions did you ask? What time of day was it? Did you ask the value statement? Did you ask “anything else”? Did you set a follow-up meeting?

You will get better. Bill Gates wasn’t born a success, he spent his 10,000 hours earning it. You can too!!

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