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February 6, 2013

Share Our Information!

I believe almost all employees try to make the correct decisions based on data, input, experiences, and values. Usually we make decisions based on our biases and on the data we have available. In some situations we are tempted to not listen to the customer or corporate leadership because we think we know better based on our data and experiences. Sometimes we do have all the information or we have access to data that the others do not – it may change the decision options.

Problems arise when we don’t all have the same data. Communication is key to smooth business operations. We must constantly share the all the data, information and experiences we have access to. Ideally, most people in our Western culture will come to the same conclusion based upon the same information.

Problems may also result when the customer or corporate leadership has restrictions on information and data sharing (just the facts). Sometimes there are rules of confidentiality and important facts can’t be shared. In those instances, we may have to rely on just asking a few questions and having faith that the client or leadership is making all the right decisions.

If part of protocol includes open communication and information sharing, your decision-making process will be more effective. Teams will build trust with one another that they have explored all options, opinions have been heard and solid decisions are made. When the instance arises that the whole team does not participate, it will create less friction because of the pattern of communication and ongoing trust that has been established.

Just like kindergarten. If you always share your cookies with your classmates, the day you forget yours someone else with share their cookies with you.

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