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September 5, 2012

Be a Great Coach Today

Filed under: Motivation — Tags: , , — Alec @ 12:15 am

In honor of the NCAA Football Season starting last weekend, I decided that this week’s blog be dedicated to Coaches. Don’t worry, I won’t be getting into on-field strategy or trick plays that lead to a big win like MSU’s “Little Giants”. Instead, let’s talk business coaching or training.

We all have individual talents, skills, and strengths. They don’t normally come naturally. Often they require development and hard work in order to be great. Look at Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan (love or hate them) who were all born with natural ability but needed more than just talent to become legends. I am sure you have heard the story of Michael Jordan being cut from his high school basketball team?

A good coach must be willing to both teach and learn. The measure of a true coach is to learn about and know each player’s capability and then be able to train/retrain until the player not only has the skills, but understands the “why” and “how” of his actions.

The same is true in business. When we are training or coaching, whether it is a project team or one employee, we must consider all three components. Taking into account their skill sets, the coach or trainer must then explain the “why” and “how” in multiple situations. And it should be done with A LOT of patience.

When you are the student, trainee or worker, you can only hope for a patient coach. Your biggest challenge as student or trainee, is being able to recognize what you need to improve on. Do you not have the skill to perform the task? Do you not understand “why” you need to do a part of the task? Is it not clear “how” the project works?

Questions are free, so don’t be afraid to ask!

We are all leaders, coaches and workers; it just depends on the time, the place and the task at hand to define which hat we are wearing today.

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