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April 7, 2012

I’m happy, You’re happy

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 8:02 pm

Remember the book “I’m OK, you’re OK” Or was in “Win Win”? I have told people I live in my own little world where the sky is Green and I am happy and everyone around me is happy. My goal is to facilitate that happiness. We take the little things far to serious and we take the big things far to lightly. I don’t care a lot about the type of government in Country A, I care about the freedom of expression, the freedom of religion, and fair and equal laws. I don’t care how much money you make or down make, What I care is about the “Mean” income, the Standard Deviation of income, and the quality of life that income affords. I don’t care about how much tax I pay, but I do care that there is parity and everyone pays a fair share. I don’t want the very poor nor the very poor paying nothing. I do think we need to have more equal opportunity for those who are willing to try. Teach them to fist.
We worry about birth control, etc., when we should worry about about quality of life and opportunity.
I ramble

April 2, 2012

16 months , prostate cancer

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 8:45 pm

I got my blood tests for PSA 16 months after Prostate Cancer.   All great <0.1 or undetectable.   Life is good.   I have to add that Karen has us both on a near Vegan diet (largely due to my Doctor’s advice and due to the China Diet book recommended to me by Jerry Hogan).    My prostate Doctor has done 4400 prostate surgeries and he says the incident rate of return is 50% less if you cut your animal fat and eat more fruit and veggies.   So,  we eat lots of fruits and veggies and almost no animal fat.    No cheese, very little milk, no Margerine, a little butter, almost no eggs, no meat except occasionally fish.  Lots of Vegan dishes,  Karen is a great cook.

I have lost 6 pounds since Christmas,   I weigh 6 pounds more than when I graduated from HS.   The weight is distributed a little differently (LOL).     All my cholesterol blood markers were great.

Life is good.

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