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July 19, 2011

Sales graduate level intro, step 1.

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Everyone wants to be a better salesperson.    Including me, wish I had a sales mentor early in my career.    Everything we do, every idea, project, relationship, is based on your ability to sell.   I view sales as probability & statistics and a multiple step process.   Job hunting is sales.    Project management is sales.   Dating might even be sales.    Job performance evaluations are sales.

1.   You must meet the client.   It is really time efficient if you know who and where your target is spending their time.    Go there, focus on the high locations where your potential clients maybe.     You can waste a lot of time by going to a chicken farm to sell race cars.    So,  put yourself in your clients shoes, where would they be, what potential professional society would they join, what would they read, would they attend chamber events or be on chamber committees, would they be Rotarians, Kiawani’s, etc.  Oh,  keep records,  when you meet them, where you met them, their interests, notes you may remember about their family and hobbies.   What were they wearing, what were you wearing.   What questions you ask, what questions they ask.

Next week,   we will talk about what do do once you meet them?   What do you think is the next step.

9 months post surgery

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Still doing very well!   PSA blood tests are still undetectable.  Still doing Kegel’s, and leakage varies depending on activity and diet;  but usually less than a ml per day.   PS,  a ml is a lot if you don’t have a mini pad.    I use women’s mini mini’s ,  cut them an half and use one a day.   Works great.

Bicycling a lot,  getting ready for a long bike trip in a few weeks.

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