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June 17, 2011

45 years of marital happiness

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 8:34 pm

Karen and I will be married 45 years on June 18th, 2011.   Wow,  seems like just a few years ago.   Of course Karen was 11 and I was 12.     And I have to say for me,  Married life continues to improve.    Mostly due to Karen being a saint.

Now we work together in our consulting business.    Lots of team building, personal profile assessments and Lean Kaizen events.    Yes,   Karen is very good at assessments and Kaizen events.   She is a great listener.

We are planning on 2 big bike rides this year.   The first is to follow the shoreline of Lake Michigan from the Indiana border to Machinaw City.    The second is in Tuscany Italy.   Guess I better start getting in shape.

Maybe I can talk her into riding across the US on our bicycles in the next couple years.   Anyone want to join us,  I will start a list.

7 months after prostate surgery

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 8:29 pm

I am doing grape.   Had my 3rd post surgery blood test.   PSA was undetectable.   <0.1.

Still a little incontinence,  but I have not been as good at doing my Kegel’s.   I keep forgetting.   I am still doing them,  but not the 60 a day.   I am averaging 30 to 45.   The result is 2 to 4 ml of leakage.   I have zero leakage days if I don’t run nor lift weights.    But if I run hard (12 min miles),   I have 4 ml of leakage.

My endocrinologist has me back on Testosterone and Thyroid stuff.    So,  I feel great.     My Cholesterol is down,  but I have gained a few pounds.   I am sure it is muscle mass (LOL).

So,  have your PSA and Testosterone tested when you are 40 so you have a baseline.

Lost a good friend and mentor

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 8:23 pm

On June 11th, 2011,  Eli Goldratt passed away in Israel.   Though I doubt he remembered me or knew of me,  I was a student and disciple of his books and teachings.    I attended a seminar in about 1985 or 1986 where he was the speaker.    I bought his book, “The Goal”,  and the learning began.   We have probably given away 250 “The Goals” over the last 25 years.   We have read all his books, my favorites other than “The Goal” are “The Race” and “Critical Chain”.

In the 90’s I attended the Jonah training,  and bought more a full set of “Goldratt Satellite Program” VCR’s.

His books and lectures taught me well and made my career in manufacturing more successful.

He will be missed, but his thoughts live on.

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