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March 19, 2011

2 frequent questions

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 9:24 pm

I get two frequent questions.

1.   If I were to start over,  would I do it the same.    Well,  I might do a few things differently.

A.  I would listen more to a few friends that suggested I investigate radiation therapy more.    If I researched radiation as much as Robotic Surgery, and visited a top Radiation Surgeons, I might have done something different.   The surgery itself was not terribly uncomfortable, but the recovery time for someone as active as I am,  has been really really long.  It is now just over 4 months, and I am still just getting back to full running, bike riding and weight lifting.   My research suggested that surgery patients live longer.   Well,  if I don’t get hit by a truck.   The incontinence and impotence is getting to be a drag.   But, they are slowly improving.    Plus,  all the discussions have surfaced about over treatment.

B.   I would not have my surgery on a Friday.   The hospital and staff were wonderful, but Friday night and Saturday I am sure they had union overtime equalization, because the nurse and doctor were not from urology, and knew very little about my procedure.   This caused me all kinds of pain with my catheter.   They tried, but they just were not trained on how to deal with my super pubic (sp) catheter, and it plugged.     Example, my friday night nurse was from Cardiology, and she kept using an ultrasonic machine to see how full my bladder was,  it showed not full.   the next morning when my doctor arrived and emptied 3 liters of urine out of me,  he told her that the machine does not work on prostate patients.   but, I did like being the first one of the morning, but I think first thing in the morning on a Tuesday or Wednesday would be better.    You want to be the first one in the morning to insure all the equipment is really sterile.

C.   I would still go to the same hospital, Henry Ford,  and use the same doctor.    I like his process, the statistics he kept, and his support staff, and the back up robotic machine, the nurses and follow up.   The follow up nurse,  Andrea has been a real blessing.

2.   The second question I get asked is have I changed anything in my life.

A.   Yes,  We have went on a healthier diet at the suggestion of the Doctor and his staff.   So, 3 fruits and 4 Veggies a day.   and we are pretty good about it.   We have found lots of very tasty low sugar canned fruit.   Plus frozen Blueberries, Raspberries, and fresh apples and bananas.    I still eat far to much dark chocolate.   And I still can’t seem to lose that extra 10#.  The Doctors nurse stated that they have found 50% less return of Cancer in those that eat healthier.    Her suggestion,  less fat, less red meat, less hormone meat, more fruit and veggies,  and no flax oil, but ground flax seed.

B.   I am trying to work less.   We signed up for Medicare,  and Jan 1, 2012 we will probably sign up for Soc Sec.   we are trying to cut back from 3 weeks a month in 2010 to 2 weeks a month in 2011.   So far it is not working.   We are not seeking and y new clients, but we love working with the existing ones.    We are planning some pretty serious bike vacations this summer,  Michigan West Shoreline,  and early fall,  Italy.

C.   We are attending our son’s church and trying to spend more time with his family.    That is a real blessing.   Two ways,   I get to hear his sermons, and observe our 2 grandson’s grow up.     I do miss the Warsaw Methodist Choir though.     Our son, Rob,  his sermons help me keep mentally positive.

D.   We love Warsaw,  but we really do not need two houses.   We are trying to get the farm house and barns ready to move to Lowell in the next 24 months.     So, if you are looking for a big house in Warsaw,  call us.

March 13, 2011

4 months and a day since Surgery, 1st run

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 9:28 am

Well, I walked / ran 4 miles Friday in 48+ minutes,   felt fine, but a lot of incontinence during my run.    I have started my new regiment of Kegel’s.   3 or 4 sets of 15, full 10 second contractions; plus 2 or 3 sets of 30 of 1 second contractions.    And I started weighing my pads to see just how much I am leaking (sound like me ,  LOL).   It was at my nurses suggestion so they would know just how bad my incontinence was.    I am averaging about 60 to 95 g a day of leakage.   We will see if over time if my incontinence improves with my new regiment of Kegel’s.     And with my running, we will see what impact on Incontinence.

March 3, 2011

4 months post surgery

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 8:13 pm

Great news and same old stuff.    I got my 4 month PSA test results today.    Perfect.    <0.1 which probably means undetectable.   So,  I feel great.    However, my testosterone continues to drop.   Guess I am getting older.  I have an appointment with my local Urologist in 2 weeks,  I will ask him about my testosterone.   Oh, and my incontinence continues.     I talked to Henry Ford, they have been a tremendous help.   But, it appears I am one of 14% that have ongoing incontinence issues.    I am also a lot more active than most of their patience.   Dr Sammon suggest I do more Kegel’s.    I have been doing 2 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 for 10 seconds.   I was doing them for only 5 seconds until 3 weeks ago.    So ,  I will try to up to 4 sets of 15 for 10 seconds.      I have figured out I can do them while driving,  LOL!!!

We just returned from Cozumel.   We were there for 2 weeks,  we borrowed a couple old but very functional mountain bikes.    We rode 7 times 13 to 20 miles.    No issues,  other than my legs are out of shape.    We also walked 5 to 7 miles every day.

I have not started running,   I am waiting for a little nicer weather.   I have restarted my weight lifting,  but lighter weights.

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