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January 16, 2011

9 weeks after prostate cancer surgery

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 7:15 pm

Get your PSA tested, get a digital exam.

Some minor issues,  tired a lot and some blood in urine.  More tired than I think I should be.   So,  I am slowing down due to the blood in urine.  Otherwise, doing really well, but still experiencing some incontinence.    The blood may be due to me trying to walk to fast and lift to much.  I was walking 14 minute mile pace and lifting 45# dumbbells doing my weight lifting routine; and I never miss a day.   Maybe all the Kegel’s irritate the bladder.

So, stopped lifting and slowed down my walking, and stopped taking my cholesterol lowering vitamins, herbs and suppliments like fish oil, baby aspirin, etc.  but just for a week.   Surprisingly, I have good days and bad days with incontinence.   Seems better when I am off all suppliments.   Maybe less bladder irritation.   I know that caffiene really makes the incontenince a lot worse.

I have found some new mens pads,  Tena Pads,  much more comfortable.   I was making my own for a while by modifying some womens pads.   But that took too much time.

I can sit on a bike seat with very little pain, but waiting until week 10 to ride the trainer.

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