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January 25, 2011

Change that thought, inspired by Pastor Rob

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 7:39 pm

I have become really great at visual healing due to my prostate journey. Now if I could only apply that to other aspects of my life, like diet, exercise, etc. You can change that thought, whether you are a Christian or Agnostic, you have the mental power to change your thoughts. God knows what you are thinking and so do a lot of other people. It is like dogs and horses can read your fear, other people can see your thoughts in your eyes , your face and your body langauge. And the internet now knows everything you search, read and do.

So, change your thoughts. It is extremely hard to change your thoughts and habits without forming a new habit. I think I will start researching time travel, and stop visualizing hot fudge sundaes.

I also have been working on meditation. Probably since 1978 when Joe Moran tried to teach me. Obviously, I am a slow learner. I have an object that I visualize and repeat the same word. Some times I can stay on that thought for several minutes, other times it is hard to hold for more than a few seconds. I have mentioned it before, but I visualize flying pigs swimming in my blood stream and lymph system eating all the bad fat and any bad cells. I also visualized white rabbits eating all the bad cells until the field turned all white and clean.

Evil thoughts can lead to evil actions, positive thoughts can lead to positive actions. We are fortunate that the Grace of God forgives us for our evil thoughts, “if we ask”. But, it is so much better if we have positive thoughts. I have been pretty good at eating healthier thanks to Karen. She is making sure I have my 3 fruits a day and my 4 veggies. But, she can’t hide the grocery store and Walgreens from me. I know where the Chocolate is. I need to visualize a slimmer me, and eat less chocolate.

Easy to think positive now, I have eaten all the cookies in the house.   Have a grape day.

Get that PSA tested at 40 for a baseline.

January 22, 2011

10 weeks + 1 day after prostate cancer surgery

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 2:05 pm

Yesterday was a great day,   I rode my bicycle trainer for 20 minutes with zero pain.    I had put on a new Terry Saddle prior, but still, no pain.   I also walked slowly for 20 minutes at 20 min mile pace.    Still more tired than I expected, and does not seem to be getting better.   But, I was always a good nap taker.        I have zero pain when I sneeze for the last week,  that is wonderful.   I restarted taking my vitamins and restarted my Kegel exercises after a week off.    I have not restarted weight lifting.   You may recall I stopped all these due to a little bit of blood in the urine.    No blood in the urine for 8 days.

I have been back doing my leadership training and Kaizen Lean events for 3 weeks,   starting to get busy and travel a little.

I had a scare,   I thought I was allergic to chocolate,  but we have found out that I am allergic to corn.    May have been for years, or it may be new with the surgery shock to my system.   This is an adjustment,  corn is in everything.

Incontinence is getting better or I am getting used to it.    One to two light pads a day.    Have not figured out how that will work on a bicycle.     The nurse at Henry Ford said 2 to 4 months.    But,  my friends who have had prostate surgery say Kegels are a life long experience and minor incontinence continues.     I have almost zero at night and very little until afternoon or when I get tired.    I think some of it may be mental,   because it is very low unless I think about it.

I have scheduled my 4 month PSA blood test for March, will retest my Testosterone.   Testosterone was very low last blood test.    That may be contributing to my tiredness.    The Doctors don’t like to prescribe Testosterone to Prostate Cancer survivors until they see several zero PSA test results.     My Thyroid has also been low, so the combination is not in my favor for being tired.    And you thought I was hyper.

OK,  enough,  if you are 40,  get your PSA tested, get a digital exam.   getting your PSA tested at 40 will give you a baseline.

January 16, 2011

9 weeks after prostate cancer surgery

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 7:15 pm

Get your PSA tested, get a digital exam.

Some minor issues,  tired a lot and some blood in urine.  More tired than I think I should be.   So,  I am slowing down due to the blood in urine.  Otherwise, doing really well, but still experiencing some incontinence.    The blood may be due to me trying to walk to fast and lift to much.  I was walking 14 minute mile pace and lifting 45# dumbbells doing my weight lifting routine; and I never miss a day.   Maybe all the Kegel’s irritate the bladder.

So, stopped lifting and slowed down my walking, and stopped taking my cholesterol lowering vitamins, herbs and suppliments like fish oil, baby aspirin, etc.  but just for a week.   Surprisingly, I have good days and bad days with incontinence.   Seems better when I am off all suppliments.   Maybe less bladder irritation.   I know that caffiene really makes the incontenince a lot worse.

I have found some new mens pads,  Tena Pads,  much more comfortable.   I was making my own for a while by modifying some womens pads.   But that took too much time.

I can sit on a bike seat with very little pain, but waiting until week 10 to ride the trainer.

January 8, 2011

Today is the 19th best day of my life

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 6:01 pm

I like to say that today is the 19th best day of my life.

The best days were as follows

1. The day I met my wife to be

2. In the future

3. In the future

4. In the future

5. In the future

6. Tomorrow

7. The day we were married 8. The day our 1st child was born 9. The day our 2nd child was born 10. The day our 3rd child was born

11. The day I graduated from MSU with and Eng degree

12. The day I got released from my last job 1

13. The days my grandchildren were born 14. 2 15. 3 16. 4 17. 5 18. 6

19.  Today

January 7, 2011

Week 8 after Prostate Surgery

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 11:02 pm

I guess I have felt so well that I have not posted for 2 weeks.

So,  have you had your PSA tested?

I am feeling a little better every day, but am still very tired.   I am back to lifting weights,  about 75% of my pre surgery level.    I am walking 2 miles a day at about 16 minute miles,  I want to start running soon.

I am really doing well on incontinence, down to 1 or 2 pads a day.   And yes ,   I have taken a womens pad and modified it.   You would think someone could make a decent pad for men with 200,000 prostate cancer people a year.   Maybe this is my “facebook” billion dollar baby.

I am doing my Kegel’s two or three times a day for 4 weeks, 5 seconds on 5 seconds off, sets of 20 or 25.  Does that sound correct?   I would have thought my incontinence would have improved faster!

I still am taking 10mg of Cialis every other day,  not much impact.   I tried Muse,  It worked, but a little painful.

I have tried to sit on a bicycle seat, it is getting better, but still not comfortable.

Talk later, we are blessed.   Get your PSA checked,  if you want to talk ,  call me.

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