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November 26, 2010

2 weeks after prostate cancer surgery

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 10:07 am

A few minor setbacks,  I tried to do to much too soon.   I was walking 2 miles a day at 16 minute mile pace.   I had stopped taking my stool softner,  And I was doing about 100 Kegels a day.    So,  I had a little bleeding.    So,  I have slowed down a little bit for 3 days.   Still a little pain in perineum,  and a lot of itching where incisions are healing.    I am still a little incontinent when I laugh or am active,  non at night when sleeping.     I have stopped taking all pain killer, but started Cialis,  per Doctors orders.   No Response yet,  LOL,  doctor says it may be 2 months or more for Cialis to help and for incontinence to completely go away.

I hope to walk 2 miles today,  a little more slowly.     

I have scheduled my 30 day PSA test for December 12th,   Praying and expecting 0.0

November 19, 2010

7th day, great day, came home

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 8:30 pm

It was a great day.     about 15 years ago on my 49th birthday, Karen and our closest friends gave me a 50th Birthday party.   Nasty folks!  LOL,   Anyway, Steve Nordberg and I went to a Bicycle show in Chicago and when we returned home the house was filled with black balloons and all kinds of depressing stuff.    One of the gifts I received was a box of Depends,   some denture cream, etc.     I remember German’s , Edlefson’s and Nordberg’s, Green’s in attendance,  maybe a few others.

So,  today started with Incontinence and sex education stuff.   All I can say is I should have kept the box of depends.    I am not having much trouble,  except when I laugh , cough or sneeze.      Then the class turned to the good stuff, Sex education.    I won’t bore you with the details other than to say 97 or 98% of the men are continent within a few weeks of surgery.    50% of the men have ED for a Year or Two,  80% eventually recover.      I can start the incontinence Kegel exercises as soon as my perineum stops hurting.   Probably a week or two.

As we were packing to leave and head back to Warsaw, the doctor called me with the pathology report.     Zero cancer in the lymph nodes, zero in the boundary areas, only 5% of the prostate had cancer by volume (which is  low for my stage and gleason scores),  All the cancer was contained in the prostate, and all removed.    IE,   could not have been a better report.   We were very happy.

So, we returned to Warsaw, said hello to all my bicycles which I can not ride for 6 weeks.   

Next step is a PSA , Diagnostic test in 30 days, and in 120 days.   We are expecting zeros

Finally, most of the 10 men that were in the class this morning were my age,  one was 50.   One last week was 40.

So,  if you are over 40,  get you annual digital rectal prostate exam, and your annual PSA test.    My PSA was only 1.9 when the syptoms were first found via the digiatl exam.

November 18, 2010

6th day

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 3:26 pm

Had my catheter connection X-ray’d 5 different angles to make sure it was leak proof, then the Cath was removed.   It was healing well with no apparent leaks,  Great to have that gone.   Now am wearing a mini pad,  a few drips,  nothing major.    They used a silicon catheter instead of the less expensive Latex Cath,   maybe that is why I had so few problems with the cath.    Very little discomfort when removed.    I think the trick for no discomfort  may have been the Neosporin with Pain relief several times a day on catheter entrance and the silicon catherter. 

Very nice job by attending nurse and X Ray person in removing the Cath.

Do not have pathology report today,  seems like 7 days is an extremely long time with today’s technology.    Isiah 41:10,   no not be anxious, I am your God.

November 17, 2010

Day 5 after surgery

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 6:30 pm

Bore to death, can’t lift, run nor bike until Christmas.   Perineum and cath are a pain,  cath comes out tomorrow, I hope.    And a visit with Doctor to confirm that everything was clean ont he Pathology report, a little nervous about this, but the Doctor said after surgery everything looked clean.    Trying to drink 8 + glasses of liquids.    Wash my hands before and after emptying the cath bag,  andit fills in about 1 to 2 hours.   I have the cleanest hands in the kingdom.  Gaining weight,  Karen is feeding me too well (all healthy stuff) and I am snacking too much.   

All bandaides have fallen off,  5 or 6 small .5 to 1.0 inch incisions,   none are sore.    Swelling is down, but fat is still there.     My abdomen was shaved prior to surgery, so I look like the Goodyear blimp.

Walked about 2 miles,  half outside,   had a Starbucks Hot Chocolate with Whip cream,  life is getting back to normal.   Still taking 2 600mg Ibuprofin a day though to reduce inflamation,   Started Cipro today,  so they can remove cath tomorrow.

Watching TV, Movies,  Basketball,  etc.    City Slickers 1,   trying to decide on this evenings movie.

November 16, 2010

4 day after surgery, uneventful

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 9:47 pm

Feeling better,  only the catheter is a hassel,  Hopefully, it will be removed Thursday.    Thursday is my next Doctors appointment to review pathology reports and remove Cath.   Also the perineum is a little sore,  no bike riding for at least 6 + weeks.    A little swelling in both ankles.  

Walked 2 miles, a mile in morning and a mile this afternoon,  very slowly.  

Getting bored to death, but don’t have much of an attention span to read.   Watching movies and basketball.

So,  everyone over 40,  get a PSA test and a digital prostate exam.

November 15, 2010

84 hours later

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 11:15 pm

I am sleeping well, even napping well.     But, that is one of my normal strengths.   Showers are wonderful.    Cath is not painful, just very inconvenient, and a little leakage.  Digestive track is almost back to normal.    Walking several times a day very slowly, each walk is about 15 minutes, probably 25 minute mile pace.  Tried walking outside, did not like that, so walking the halls of the hotel.   Only taking melaton, ibuprofin and stool softner.    

Yes, bored to death, watching movies, grumpy old men , then grumpier old men, then Johnny carson 1960’s.   Playing some computer games, reading email and facebook.   Thank goodness for some college basketball.

Thursday is the big day when I get to have the cath removed.   

One of the biggest issues is that I will miss two MSU home basketball games and the MSU Purdue football game.

3 says after Robotic surgery

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 8:48 am

The biggest issue is getting my digestive system to work correctly.   Walked 2 miles yesterday, very very slowly, but that really helped.    Very little pain ,  a little discomfort with bloating, and the catherter is uncomfortable and inconvenient, but not painful.     Sleeping well,  not taking any Tylenon 3,  back to just Ibuprofin.  

Trying to eat very easy to digest foods,  HF gave me a list and Karen is a great care taker.

November 13, 2010

Prostate Cancer Surgery Day

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 9:01 pm

I was the first one on Friday the 12th.   A ton of paperwork,  redrew for my blood tests because they lost the originals.  They wanted to retake the EKG and the X-Ray,  but eventually they found them.    I volunteered for a double blind study on a drip Ketorolac for improving impotency for 60 and over.   of couse I don’t know if I have the placebo or the realy stuff.    They have not seen a statistially significant difference, though the Ketorolac is promissing.

I am guessing started about 7:45 am,   I came too about noon.   but I think the surgery only took about 90 minutes.   Karen, Kara and Rob were in the surgery lounge while I wa in suggery.    The doctor said the magic words that they think they got it all, and that the lymph nodes looked clean.     I thanked him profusely,  but we won’t know for certain until next thursday.

By 4 pm,  I really felt wonderful and as directed drank wat seemed like a gallon of liquids.    I felt so good, I think we went for 3 or 4 short walks,    the walks really helped the belching and the bloating discomfort.  Rob when to his hotel abou 5 pm,  Kara and Karen when to the appartment at 9.    Shortly after 9 I started have really accute bladder contractions and a really distended abodomen.    The pain level was a 20,  and none of the pain medicine touched it.    I called Karen and Kara to come back.   I ask nurse to call the doctor,   and abou 10 ish,  he arrived.   He irregated my super public catherter.    It worked a little, and I flet better,   pain was only a 7 or 8.    at 2 pm when I went for a walk,  Our nurse , a really great person tried a Bolle flush and Oxy something to relieve cramping.     It made is worse,  so we stopped  It was so bad I could not get back to the room.   the pain on a 1 to 10 scale was an 11.   It was really bad.   I stopped drinking.  

I finally got back to the room and our nurse reirrigated my catherer,  and drugged me to pieces.    I finally slept about 4.     at 6 thepain came back with a vengence.     I stopped all intravenous and all drinking.    I tried to get Mo to give me more drugs,  but she would not,   I was really growning at 7:50 when the doctor arrived,    He replaced my super pubic with a penis cather.   The super pubic as plugged.

Wow,   I filled 2 one liter bags in 15 minutes,   and a 3rd in the next hour.    Guess I was well hydrated,   

After what felt like a near death experience,   by noon, I felt great, and was eathing regular bland hospital mashed potators, broccoli ,   a slice of toast and apple juice.

Karen and I went through some catherter bag training, etc.

We checked out of the hospital at 3 pm and returned to our appartment next door to the hospital.

Our appartment bed is not nearrly as comfortable as the hospital bed,   and the catherter is not nearly as uncomfortable as some suggested.    The Henry Ford nurses, assistant nurses and all staff were really terrific.    Even the housekeeping people and restaurant people

Dr Menon and the Vattikuti Institure staff and Doctors were amazing.

November 10, 2010

Visualization of the cure

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 8:29 pm

Many people have helped me with visualization.   Bernie helped me and suggested that I visualize my cancer as a small block of ice, and visualize it melting.     Ruth helped with a PACMAC eathing the small cancer cells.    MaryJane helped by visualizing rabbits (White blood cells) eating allt he bad guys.     And since I am a Whiner,   I also visualized little flying pink pigs cleaning out all the lymph nodes.   They Pigs did such a good job that at night they are cleaning out the plaque in my blood vessels.     The white bunny rabbits have done a wonderful job keeping everything white, clean and healthy.   

Seems to be working for my mental well being.   I work on all three every day, several times a day.   The Ice cube is shrinking,  I think it is gone.   The Rabbits and Pigs are multiplying and their are now 1000’s of them on a search and destroy mission.  

When they are full,  they are released through my lung exhalation, and they are free to go out into the world.   I release them.

Time to Pray for the Doctor, his staff and the Hospital

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 8:20 pm

We drive to the Hospital tomorrow,  and surgery is Friday.    I ask to be first, but won’t know until Thursday afternoon.   Since  I have worked in Surgical Instruments,  I wanted clean ones.  

 Thanks for all your prayers.    They must have helped because I have been sleeping better than should be expected.

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