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July 25, 2010

Anthony Robbins Quote

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“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

Actuallly ,   you may get worse results.

July 24, 2010

I love my customers

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My customers may call me anytime, email me anytime, for life

July 4, 2010


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Have you ever said something and then almost immediately said,  “oops”.

At the ASP mission trip mentioned below, we had a discussion regarding Jesus moments.   I stated mine was a discussion with Rev. Rob (our son) when we talked about the definition of Grace.    He told me a story about the definition of Grace and then I retold it in our group God sighting moment.

Definition of Grace,  When you are speeding and are stopped by a policeman and given a warning;  That is forgiveness!   When you are stopped by a policeman, given a warning and given a donut;  That is Grace!

The group of 80 was so quite that I guickly responded,  it is a joke.    But, my oops was,   I should have said,  it is a joke about the donut,  but it is true about God’s grace.

My son saved me, he stated quickly after my error, “but it is true”

Isn’t wonderful, two things,  Grace and learning something everyday from your children and grandchildren.

Mission trip to Kentucky

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Karen and I just returned from an Appalachia Service Project in Floyd County Kentucky.   It was a wonderful team building and leadership experience.   We were part of a team from our Son’s church from Buchanan, Michigan.   Two of our grandchildren and two of their friends were on the team of 7.  We worked on the Rhubarb (code name) house.    A dozen little projects and one big project.   The big project was drywalling a 14 by 22 foot room walls and ceiling and then an adjoining 24 foot wall in the next room.     Now,   If we knew what we were doing and if the drywall was hung perfectly,  and if the room were square,  it might have been easy.   As it was,  we did a lot of mudding and sanding.    A growing experience.

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