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May 23, 2010

Root cause analysis and Lean Manufacturing

Filed under: Food for thought for friends — Alec @ 11:29 am

Sometimes I wish our politicians would pay a little more attention to the root cause of a problem.   Example,   small business owners know they pay quarterly taxes to Federal, State, and FICA.    I send in almost 20 filings a year.    If every person had to file their income taxes every quarter, they would know the depth of taxation.   But,  with the auto-deduction,  it is unseen.

2nd,   if we spent more time helping Mexico build their own economy instead of buying everything from China,  we would not have illegal immegration.   If fact Mexicans would be moving home.

3rd,   if we allowed 125% tax deduction for every contribution to a non profit, the federal government could get out of the business of giving.  (Thanks Fred Pieplow for that Idea)

4th,   If all medical checks came made out to both the person and the doctor, and the person had to sign off,  we would have a lot less medical fraud.   And people would suddenly realize what medical care costs.  (thanks Greg Cobb for that idea)

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